It is Unilever’s objective to respect the human rights of everyone working in our value chain, therefore we require all our suppliers to comply with our Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP). The RSP is instrumental in ensuring we deliver our business objectives while making a positive social impact on the lives of millions of people in our supply chains around the world and reducing our environmental impact.

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What is the Jump Start Programme?

We thank you for your participation by completing the EcoVadis assessment and supporting our commitment towards responsible sourcing. You can now access your scorecard to identify your strengths and your areas for improvement and thus launch a process of continuous improvement.

The Jump Start Programme represents an exciting opportunity for you to further advance your process, policies and practices in your organization and allows Unilever to gain further confidence that we are working with a like-minded supplier.

Why is my company concerned?

Your company’s overall EcoVadis score is equal to or less than 30/100, therefore it is mandatory to complete the Jump Start Programme to enhance your performance before the next assessment cycle.


What are the required next steps
to complete the Jump Start Programme?



Review your EcoVadis scorecard results


Watch the Jump Start Video Training (45 min)



Complete the Jump Start Training Quiz (5 questions)


Create a Corrective Action Plan within the EcoVadis platform



Initiate and complete a re-assessment

What are the key steps to complete the Jump Start Programme?


Review your EcoVadis scorecard results


Watch the Jump Start Video Training (45 min)



Complete the Jump Start Training Quiz (5 questions)


Create a Corrective Action Plan within the EcoVadis platform


Initiate and complete a re-assessment

Review your EcoVadis scorecard results 1.

Log in to EcoVadis to review your performance. Your username is your email.
If you forgot your password please click “forgot password” to reset.

If you have not completed payment or do not have an active subscription you will not be able to view your scorecard results.

For any support needed to connect, contact the EcoVadis Customer Engagement team via

Get Started: Watch the Jump Start training video 2.

To see subtitles in on the video, click "CC" on the bottom right of the video.

Extra-small (<25 employees)

Small/Medium/Large (>25 employees)

Complete the Jump Start Training Quiz 3.

The full training video must be watched before access to the quiz is unlocked

Create a corrective action plan 4.

Log in to EcoVadis to review your performance and access the Corrective Action Plan tool.

Initiate and complete a re-assessment
(within 1 year after your first assessment date) 5.

As soon as your company is ready and confident to demonstrate concrete document evidence of a Sustainability management system, you may initiate a re-assessment directly from the EcoVadis platform. If not initiated within 12 months by your company, Unilever will be obliged to initiate the reassessment process.

Your company’s completion of the Jump Start Video Training and Quiz as well as the creation of a Corrective Action Plan within the EcoVadis platform will be tracked and are the core requirements of the Jump Start Programme.
As soon as your company is ready and confident to demonstrate concrete document evidence of a Sustainability management system, you may initiate a re-assessment directly from the EcoVadis platform. If not initiated within 12 months by your company, Unilever will be obliged to initiate the reassessment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the EcoVadis Help Center ( answers 100s of frequently asked questions such as:

You can provide us with any formalized documents that reflects your company’s CSR management system and supports your answers to the questionnaire.

Here are some examples of documents that can be provided (for illustration only): CSR management procedures, CSR/Sustainability Reports, Social Audit reports, HSE Policies, Code of Ethics/Conduct, Employee Handbooks, Certificates (ISO14001, OHSAS18001, among others), UNGC  Communication on Progress, Annual Reports with Integrated CSR section.

If your company is small, click here to see other examples of supporting documents we accept. 

All documents should be:

  • Relevant and complete, as well as related to the corresponding scope of assessment;
  • In one of these formats: .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .odt, .ott, .sxw, .stw, .ods, .odp, .bmp, .txt, .html. Note that the file type "Adobe Acrobat Document" can cause uploading issues. In this case, please save the document as PDF to upload it;
  • Smaller than 30 MB;
  • Reviewed on a regular basis. There is a validity period of 8 years applied to both policies and actions, and 2 years to KPI reporting;
  • In text format -- If your documents are not in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese, please send them coded as text and not as an image.

EcoVadis will not credit:

  • Documents (commitments, actions and/ or reporting) created solely for satisfying EcoVadis questionnaire will not be accepted;
  • Objectives, actions or reporting copied from another organization or online sources without reasonable evidence and assurance of implementation;
  • Informal documentation (e.g. without the company’s name or logo, without the issue or review date, photos etc.).

For more information and some examples of documents that can be provided, please download our Document Guide, also available in FrenchChinese,  Japanese, Spanish and German.


Once your company has been assessed, and you have had time to review your scorecard, you may have some specific questions regarding the suggested improvement areas, theme scores or the EcoVadis methodology in general.

Methodology information:
The EcoVadis CSR Methodology Overview and Principles will provide you with a thorough overview of the EcoVadis Rating and scoring methodology.

Scorecard inquiries:
EcoVadis offers answers to scorecard inquiries free of charge. Submit your scorecard questions via the Contact Us page at Your questions will be forwarded to our CSR analyst team who will prepare the answers to your questions and respond directly within ten (10) working days.

Scorecard debrief:
If you require more information, you can purchase an assessment debrief. A debrief consists of a one-hour web conference with an EcoVadis CSR analyst to discuss the following topics:
- EcoVadis CSR methodology: explanation of the EcoVadis methodology with a focus on the methodology indicators, scoring scale, 360° Watch Findings and supporting documents;
- Performance overview: detailed overview of your company’s CSR performance, focusing on strengths and improvement areas;
- CSR performance improvement: key points for improvement, focusing on specific requests of trading partners (if applicable).
In addition to the topics listed above, you can provide a list of your own specific items of interest for discussion. Your list should be sent to the EcoVadis team in a timely manner, before the web conference.

The fee for assessment debrief is seven hundred fifty (750) EUR or one thousand (1,000) USD for Basic subscribers, or five hundred (500) EUR or seven hundred (700) USD for Premium subscribers. One assessment debrief is available free of charge with a Corporate subscription. (Visit and click “compare plans and features” for the most up to date pricing). To order an assessment debrief, submit a request via the Contact Us page at

*Please note that in order to avoid conflicts of interest as a rating agency, EcoVadis is prevented from providing consultative advice or strategic guidance on how to implement corrective actions.


The EcoVadis CSR assessment is an important step on your journey towards CSR excellence. Your scorecard gives you a photograph that reflects your CSR performance at the time of publication. Additionally, it indicates in detail the improvement areas for your company to work on, in order to improve your company’s performance.

To support your company’s CSR performance improvement, EcoVadis offers all assessed companies access to the online corrective action plan feature, which enables you to:

  • Build improvement plans online;
  • Communicate planned and completed corrective actions with your trading partners;
  • Receive feedback from your trading partners.

Note: The information that you include in your corrective action plan tab is visible to your trading partners, but will not be checked by EcoVadis and will not impact your current scorecard. Your scorecard will only be updated after your company’s next reassessment.

1. Plan your corrective actions

Here are a few tips on interpreting a scorecard and prioritizing improvement actions that should help you to determine which issues/themes to address and improve on

Themes and weights 

Before embarking on a corrective action plan, it is important to take note of which themes have the lowest scores and highest weight for your company. This will help you understand which themes you should prioritize for corrective actions.

  • Theme scores: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement (e.g. if ≤ 20/100 = high risk).
  • Weight (1-4): The weight for each theme is based on your company’s activity, size and location.


Getting started

To get started on your corrective Action Plan open the corrective action plan tab in the My Performance section on your platform.

2. Create and communicate your corrective actions

  • Improvement areas and priorities
    In the corrective action plan feature, you will find a list of all improvement areas identified by EcoVadis during the assessment, listed in order of priority (high, medium and low). Below is an example of an improvement area displayed in the corrective action plan feature. IA.png
  • Information and Guidance
    To address a specific improvement area click on the Initiate button. Each improvement area contains guidance to help you better understand the improvement area. Many include How-To guides to help your organization successfully implement policies, actions and/or reporting on key topics. Learn more about the helpful resources and tools available here.
  • Managing corrective actions and communicating updates
    Corrective actions can be created by proactively initiating them, or they can be requested by a trading partner. Corrective actions can be used to manage improvement, provide updates to trading partners (using the communication thread and by uploading attachments) and track activity against deadlines (set proactively or by the trading partner).

    Tips for effective communication
  • Use the Description field to describe in detail what you are planning to implement.


  • It is strongly recommended to upload supporting documentation to provide evidence of the actions implemented.

    Note: Supporting documents uploaded into the corrective action plan tab will also be visible to your trading partners. 


  • Whenever your company has completed an action, remember to change the status of the action to “Mark as completed”.


3. Reflect your corrective actions in the scorecard

If you wish to update your results as they appear on your scorecard, you can do so only by proceeding to a reassessment. If you decide to undergo a reassessment, you will be able to update your answers and add additional documents. Our team will then perform an entirely new analysis of your company. For optimum results, we recommend getting assessed once a year. Click here to learn more. All documents previously uploaded in your corrective action plan tab will automatically be loaded into your document library to facilitate your completion of the reassessment questionnaire.

Learn how to start a reassessment with Eva, your in-platform assistant.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your username (your email address) and password. A "forgot password" link is also available on the login page.
  3. Click on the question mark icon in the bottom left corner.
  4. Select your question from the list (e.g. Start or purchase a reassessment), or type your question into the search bar.

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