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Sustain 2023

Don’t miss this once per year opportunity to engage in new insights, innovative solutions and partnerships, and more ways to connect with peers and experts to inspire and drive your programs forward.

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Virtual & in Paris 13-14 March
Sustain 2023

Sustainability starts with commitment. It is driven by true commitment and perseverance, a determination to always go forward and never go back. It means doing, not just trying, and facing challenges head-on. In the face of uncertainty, we must not waver. Now more than ever, businesses must remember their commitment to do better, to generate positive impact, to drive fundamental changes in the way society interacts with people and the planet.

Sustain 2023 will bring together thousands of attendees from the world of sustainability, procurement, compliance and responsible investment, to exchange knowledge, best practices and inspiration. Hear from industry leaders and sustainability experts as we dive into today’s most pressing matters and learn how you and your organization can remain #Committed to fostering more sustainable business practices in the year to come.

Join us on March 13-14, 2023 to hear about key issues for individuals and businesses to remain committed to, including:

  • Building resilience into the value chain
  • Managing risk of your entire supply base
  • Delivering on ambitious climate targets and sustainability goals
  • Setting and achieving quantifiable targets
  • Driving positive impact beyond individual organizations
  • Creating strong ecosystems of sustainable trading partners
  • Integrating ESG management in investment & financing strategies


Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards
The EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards celebrate excellence and recognize the outstanding performance of companies in their relationship with trading partners around the globe. Winners will be announced during Sustain. Learn more