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Get Ahead of Scope 3
Carbon Reporting Rules

Big changes are coming to carbon accounting. More companies than ever will soon face intense regulatory scrutiny of their carbon emissions as legislators in Europe, the US and elsewhere are making Scope 3 disclosure mandatory.

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Regulations are Shaking Up Emissions Reporting

California’s Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act imposes the obligation to track and report an organization’s climate impact across its entire global and domestic operations. That includes all Scope 3 emissions.

More on SB 253

The proposed SEC rule would require disclosure of indirect emissions whenever deemed material. Even without Scope 3 making the final cut, suppliers will be pressured to disclose their climate impact.

SEC Climate Disclosure Rule

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) mandates granular emissions disclosure and setting reduction targets across Scopes 1,2 and 3. Reporting will require third-party verification.

About the CSRD

Australia is tightening disclosure standards as the impacts of climate change mount. An estimated 23,000 companies will have to detail their Scope 3 emissions because of the proposed Climate-Related Financial Disclosure.

The Australia’s Climate Disclosure

Only 41% of Companies Report Scope 3 Emissions, CDP says

Companies are falling behind on tracking Scope 3 categories and risk missing mandatory disclosure of their supply chain emissions. Many procurement teams are stuck not knowing how to prioritize supplier engagement – 39% of CDP respondents said they had engaged their suppliers on climate-related issues.

Address Evolving Regulatory Requirements With More Accuracy

Get Insights into suppliers’ GHG management systems to drive targeted reductions and enhance your disclosure on Scope 3 emissions with EcoVadis Carbon Action Manager.

Fast risk mapping and
prioritizing engagement

Map your carbon hotspots across your supply chains and set priorities with Carbon Heatmap. Identify the highest potential areas for GHG performance improvement.

Scale a collaboration

Understand your risks and suppliers’ maturity, and easily engage with suppliers to streamline data collection. Suppliers get access to a Carbon Calculator aligned to GHG Protocol to calculate their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

your suppliers

Enable suppliers to build capability and maturity with e-learning and customized improvement plans. Your suppliers get specific recommendations on how to form an effective system to measure, report and reduce their emissions.

Get trusted
primary data

Work with credible data that is evidence-based and independently reviewed. Turn single-source supplier inputs into indicator-level metrics for your partner portfolio.

emissions reporting

Refine your emissions calculations with our Product Carbon Footprint Data Exchange, built on a globally accepted framework (PACT with WBCSD). Aggregate the data for Scope 3 calculations related to specific product categories.

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with one of our team members to get a personalized view of the solutions.

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Join 260+ Customers Scaling up Supplier Carbon Action with EcoVadis

46000 +
assessed suppliers
12000 +
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at least twice
58000 +
carbon scorecards
33 %
improved in performance
upon reassessment

Carbon Action Report – The State of Supply Chain Engagement

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