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Smart Compliance With Modern Slavery Acts

Broad-based forced labor legislation is already on the books in several countries, including Canada, Australia and the UK.

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S-211 Bill

Modern Slavery Act

The UK
Modern Slavery Act

EcoVadis Intelligence Suite

Leverage 15+ years of experience, 500 trained analysts, 2M+ risk-screened companies and 250,000+ sustainability scorecards – all in one solution. Manage human rights risks, protect your brand and comply in four steps:

Identify Risk
  • IQ Plus provides a comprehensive view of supply-chain ESG risks – including modern slavery and human rights issues – through fast and efficient mapping and automated data scans.
  • Live news and 360° Watch of 100,000+ sources alert you of risk incidents.
Assess and Understand Performance
  • Evaluate your suppliers’ human rights and labor standards according to OECD guidelines – and much more.
  • Get an intuitive dashboard to view your supplier information. Break down data into actionable insights.
Drive Improvement
  • Develop Corrective Action Plans for your business relationships.
  • Build your and your suppliers’ sustainability expertise with an e-learning platform with 50+ courses in nine languages.
Report Comprehensively
  • Custom dashboards with filtering by theme and 24 KPIs – including human rights – robust enough to meet the standards required for public disclosure.
  • Built-in reports to feed the outputs for GRI, DJSI, UNGC, and major regulations like Modern Slavery Acts, LkSG and CSRD.

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Acting on Human Rights Due Diligence: Are You Doing Enough to Combat Modern Slavery in Your Supply Chain?

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