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Supply Chain Sustainability Regulations:
Comply With Confidence

Smart ESG compliance starts with 100% visibility, risk prevention where needed and supplier improvement that builds value.

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With the new breed of regulations for supply chain due diligence and climate disclosure raising the compliance bar, procurement teams are faced with heavy responsibility and growing expectations. From assessing risks to mitigating and remediating actions, to fostering improvements and reporting – you need to cover it all. Specific laws vary in scope and your company may be subject to several of them. Your best strategy is to choose a verified solution giving you the confidence that you’re not just ticking boxes but are truly compliant with the law. And you can build value on top of that. That’s smart compliance.

The Growing Landscape of Due Diligence Regulations

Leading Companies In Every Region and Industry Rely on Us

To comply effectively and with confidence, you need verified expertise and proven tools

Supply chain ESG compliance may seem daunting. With a climate crisis, social and geopolitical conflict, financial and cost volatility, we can’t guarantee it’s going to be easy. But we can make it simple – or as simple as possible to ensure the required standard.

EcoVadis Sustainability Intelligence Suite

15 years’ experience, 500 trained analysts, 2M+ risk-screened companies and 250,000+ business sustainability scorecards, all in one solution.
Here are the typical steps for true due diligence compliance:

Step 1: Identify Risk

Scan your supply base in days (not months!)

100% of suppliers
Step 2: Assess and Understand Performance

Engage selected suppliers with smart assessments

High risk, high spend, critical suppliers, etc.
Step 3: Drive Improvement 

Suppliers get prioritized guidance & a platform to Improve & mitigate risks

Suppliers with priority Improvement areas
Step 4: Comprehensive Reporting 

Easy, powerful reporting with always-on 360 monitoring

Step 1:

Fast, contactless sustainability risk and transparency identification of 100% of suppliers in days with IQ Plus. Gain visibility and set priorities for due diligence steps — no supplier survey or fees needed.

Step 2:

IQ Plus risk- and spend-adjusted recommendations on which suppliers to assess. Those selected complete a questionnaire and provide evidence, which is verified by a team of analysts.  You can review scorecards and determine next steps.

Step 3:

Scorecards with customized recommendations guide supplier Action Plans and E-learning, with 43 courses to build capacity. Track supplier scores as they rise out of the risk range into the ‘performer’ zone.

Step 4:

Pre-configured  reports for global standards or local regulations (e.g., UNGC or German Supply Chain Act), as well as customizable dashboards and reports by ESG theme (“E”, “S” or “G”).

The Details - Compliance Requirements and How EcoVadis Helps You Address Them

Identify and analyze risk exposure

With IQ Plus you get a fast and reliable overview to guide due diligence and mitigation.

  • Continuously scans and profiles unlimited suppliers for all material sustainability risk factors across 220+ industry categories and 180+ countries.
  • No need for supplier surveys or supplier fees.
  • Built on insights from the industry’s largest database of 250,000+ analyst-validated scorecards and customized with your spend data.
  • Live news monitoring alerts you of risk incidents, curated by analysts from 100,000+ sources.
  • Optional Carbon Heatmap identifies carbon reduction opportunities.
  • Precise prioritization guides due diligence next steps.

Run validated assessments for high-risk and high-spend suppliers

Sustainability ratings and scorecards form the basis of guided due diligence that creates value.

  • Rating assessments are adapted to suppliers’ material ESG issues across 220+ categories and 180+ countries. They’re tailored to one of four company sizes (XS, S, M, L) and available in 14 languages.
  • Backed by evidence- and analysis-based methodology by our team of trained sustainability experts, personally reviewing supporting documents including 950+ qualified ESG certifications, labels and standards.
  • Scorecards produce a normalized score, making it easy to compare across all suppliers.
  • In addition, scorecards include prioritized improvement areas that suppliers can share with all their customers.

Adopt mitigation and preventative measures

Corrective Action Plans and learning solutions help suppliers improve and build resilience.

  • Corrective Action Plans (CAP) are generated directly from supplier scorecards, which list identified risks of non-compliance.
  • In addition, the CAP tool sets priorities, timelines, and coordinates engagement with multiple customers at the same time.
  • E-learning platform offering 43 courses in nine languages helps train your suppliers – and buyers on a variety of sustainability topics from setting up a whistleblower system to carbon calculation, and more.
  • EcoVadis approved partners help educate suppliers in order to optimize their response and improve their sustainability performance and practices.

Report on Actions

Get the right business intelligence and customizable dashboards you can rely on.

  • Easily generated reports for international standards such as GRI, ISO 26000, etc. and regulations including the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the French Duty of Care, the Norway Supply Chain Act and many others.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports with filtering by theme and 24 standard KPIs.
  • Support with preparing GRI and DJSI reports.
  • EcoVadis Scorecards that suppliers can share with  clients, investors or stakeholders.

Keep a Watch on Risk

Carefully curated Live News Monitoring and 360° Watch will keep you alerted – but only when necessary.

  • Continuous updates on potential risk events with Live News Monitoring, included in IQ Plus and Ratings.
  • 360° Watch scan, which goes back five years, is part of  the rating methodology.
  • Only the alerts that count:
    • Top sources are analyst-qualified
    • Accurate AI-assisted curation, ‘trained’ on 15 years of analyst-reviewed data
    • Corroboration across sources for quality verification.

Easily Set Up and Manage Your Program

Get complete program management support with expert guidance and services.
Complete Program Management support for:

  • Program strategy & deployment planning
  • Policy guidance
  • Buyer training
  • Communications development (web, email, documents, etc.)
    Supplier onboarding and support

Benefit from System Integration

Make due diligence insights actionable by integrating them into procurement workflow and accelerate your success.

  • 2-way API Integration: Request, and view sustainability ratings, integrate as weighted criteria in tenders, SRM directly from 35+ systems like SAP Ariba, Coupa, Celonis, GEP, Jaggaer, Sievo, etc.
  • Accredited training partner network covering all regions offering supplier training & consulting aligned to due diligence priorities.
  • Partners such as Taulia, JP Morgan, Citi, link sustainable supply chain finance with EcoVadis ratings, incentivizing supplier engagement.
  • Trusted by 10 leading Industry Initiatives including TfS, AIM-progress, Beauty, Rail, Health/Pharma.
+Ability Webinar Series: Boost your company’s ability to navigate supply chain sustainability.
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