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Decarbonization at Scale

An easy-to-use supplier engagement solution for GHG management to drive decarbonization across the supply chain.

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Drivers for Carbon Action Have
Never Been Stronger

Growing sustainability concerns from investors, increased demands from customers and industry peers, a surge in new climate change regulations, and massive global shifts in public opinion have put unprecedented pressure on businesses to act.

Science-based reduction targets
and GHG regulatory reporting
often include Scope 3 emissions

Emissions transparency is requested at product level

The Complex Challenge of Scope 3 Reduction

Companies are committed to ambitious reduction targets, and collaboration between value chain partners is critical to build capability, get an accurate baseline, and take meaningful actions. 60% of global emissions are generated by supply chains, yet less than 15% are reporting on carbon due to lack of resources or capability to get started. Engaging with suppliers at various maturity levels and collecting carbon data instead of using estimates continues to be a complex challenge.


  • Challenges in identifying high-risk suppliers
  • Little access to supply chain carbon primary data
  • Lack of transparency or assurance of data quality
  • Difficulty keeping suppliers engaged
  • Difficulty keeping up with evolving regulatory environment


  • Difficulty making long-term commitments
  • Lack of time and resources
  • Lack of carbon management maturity
  • Lack of capability to measure and report emissions

The Limitations of Typical Approaches

Manual data collection is time consuming and error prone

86% still record emissions manually using spreadsheets

Supply chain complexity makes engagement difficult

150+ categories and 100+ countries in the average supply chain makes it hard to scale a centralized supplier engagement strategy for GHG management

Estimates and benchmarks lead to inaccurate baseline and progress tracking

14% reduced emissions in line with their ambitions because most lack access to primary data

Treating program as a one-time engagement

66% hire consultants and lack the expertise to cope with increased scrutiny in sustainability

The EcoVadis Carbon Action Manager

The Carbon Action Manager is a supplier engagement solution for GHG management. With CAM, you can quickly understand your suppliers’ carbon emissions risk and performance, and engage with them at scale based on their maturity level. You get access to tools to build their capability and drive tangible improvements to meet your climate action commitments.

Key Benefits

Prioritize with Risk Mapping

Quickly gain touchless insights into suppliers’ carbon emissions risk and understand their GHG performance to prioritize engagement and scale a collaboration model.

Trusted Primary Data

Work with credible data that’s evidence-based and independently reviewed without the typical overhead.

Designed for Improvement

Enable suppliers across all maturity levels with capability-building tools and engagement mechanisms to accelerate improvements and deliver impact at scale.

Actionable Insights

Understand suppliers’ baseline assessed using our industry-leading methodology and access purpose-built reports to drive targeted actions, track progress, and enhance your supply chain Scope 3 disclosure.

Key Features

Carbon Heatmap

A quick and easy carbon emissions risk/opportunity mapping tool to identify carbon hotspots across your supply chain prior to engaging with suppliers. It provides a robust carbon emissions risk calculation on an unlimited number of suppliers and an ability to drill down to company-level detail for further insights. You also receive customized recommendations for each supplier to start engagement towards decarbonization.

Carbon Rating

Gain valuable insights into your supply chain’s carbon performance, assessed based on an industry leading methodology that’s continually evolved by the scientific committee to address new supply chain regulations and best practices. Identify strengths and areas for improvement, empowering you to accelerate your engagement strategy. Rated companies receive a tailored blueprint to refine their approach, showcasing their commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Calculator

Your suppliers get access to an easy to use carbon calculator that’s aligned to the GHG Protocol, to estimate their GHG emissions taking into account their activity, energy sources, and consumption data. The calculation is based on the global emissions factor database, covering over 180 different geographic locations.

Sustainability Metrics

Engage with your suppliers directly on the platform to request, monitor and track their sustainability metrics including: quantitative primary data on Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions, renewable energy consumed, and energy consumption.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Data Exchange

Collect product-level carbon data directly from partners using a globally recognized standard (Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT)), compliant with ISO Standards and GHG Protocol. EcoVadis PCF Data Exchange supports companies to accelerate decarbonization and emissions accountability. The feature offers transparency with granular primary data for Scope 3 refinement and deep insights through the PCF Dashboard on the gaps/opportunities.

E-Learning Hub

Equip your employees and suppliers to drive your decarbonization strategy by building their knowledge base on GHG management, with options to tailor for specific company requirements and link to improvement plans.

Carbon Dashboard

The dashboard provides a holistic view of your network’s GHG management performance. You can analyze key performance indicators by region or industry, monitor progress and improvement trends, and drill down to specific decarbonization action areas to build targeted improvement programs.

Driving Improvements

67000 +
Carbon Scorecards
26000 +
Companies reported
carbon metrics
33 %
Improved in performance
upon reassessment

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