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IQ Plus: Sustainability Risk Intelligence for Global Supply Chains

IQ Plus provides the most-tailored and robust risk classification of your entire supply base. You get access to a fast and actionable risk management solution to help meet compliance requirements and implement your company’s sustainability strategy.

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Your Sustainability Risk & Compliance Challenges

No matter where you are in your sustainable procurement journey, you likely face one or more of these common questions:

How do I quickly identify and manage risks in my supply chain?

How do I prioritize and engage suppliers to drive improvement?

How do I address supply chain due diligence regulations?

How do I monitor and report on risks effectively?

EcoVadis IQ Plus

IQ Plus leverages intelligence from the world’s largest sustainability performance database, your own procurement data, direct supplier inputs, and screening of supplier-specific documents and risk factors.

Company DocScan

  • 27 Documents Retrieved by Contactless AI Data Mining
  • AI-powered Document Review
  • ISO Certifications, Code of Conduct, Human Rights Statement & more available for download

Vitals Module

  • Supplier Engagement Via Light Questionnaire
  • Cover Sustainability and Due Diligence Basics
  • Direct Supplier Input and Documentation

EcoVadis Inputs

  • Industry & Country Risk Data
  • Risk Insights from 250,000+ Validated Assessments

Your Customer Data

  • Supplier Information
  • Supplier Spend
  • Supplier Criticality

Sustainability Profiles

and Company Risk
Enhanced Risk
Understanding with Vitals
Four Themes and
21 Sustainability Criteria
Mapped to Global

The Benefits of IQ Plus

Gain transparency with direct supplier input, validated data and certified documents covering industry, country, and company-specific factors.

Obtain results in a matter of hours to days without having to contact your suppliers thanks to AI-based sustainability data mining (SDM).

Address the transparency requirements of various supply chain laws such as LkSG, French Duty of Care, the upcoming EU Directive on Due Diligence, and more. Prioritization and mitigation recommendations guide actions toward compliance.

EcoVadis’ proprietary database covers 250,000+ in-depth, analyst-validated assessments over 15+ years and across 220+ industries.

Integrate with EcoVadis Ratings for holistic sustainability management and further enablement to meet compliance standards.

SDM quickly scans the internet to collect and analyze the most relevant sustainability documents to ensure an evidence based approach to company risk assessment. By scanning open data sets, our proprietary AI-powered SDM gives you quick access to supplier specific evidence without having to contact your suppliers.

Increase engagement across your supply base with Vitals – a light questionnaire that is quick, easy, and free for your suppliers.

Key Features

Detailed Supplier Profiles

Sustainability profiles based on country, industry and company-related risks, enriched with your procurement data. Drill down into risk performance across four theme areas and 21 criteria.

Company Sustainability Documents

Access and download critical company documents, such as ISO Certifications, Code of Conduct, Human Rights Statements and more through AI Sustainability Data Mining (SDM).

Live News Monitoring

Receive deeper, up-to-date risk information relevant to your supply base through the monitoring of thousands of news sources, validated by our analysts for legitimacy, accuracy and relevance.

Action-Oriented Recommendations

Get smart recommendations for further engagement at an individual supplier level, allowing you to view specific areas of action, improvement, and due diligence for any company.

Dashboard And Reporting

A comprehensive dashboard gives you aggregated data and drill-down capabilities to understand your sustainability risk / opportunity landscape, help meet regulatory reporting requirements, and fine-tune your engagement strategy.

Go Further with Vitals

Additional Vitals Module

Engage partners with Vitals, a short questionnaire that covers sustainability and due diligence basics. Vitals seamlessly builds on IQ Plus’ risk identification, management, and reporting capabilities for enhanced risk understanding.

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