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EcoVadis Vitals Questionnaire

Quickly and Easily Understand Your Sustainability Risk

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Vitals is a short questionnaire that will help your team quickly identify high-level sustainability risks within your operations. You have been invited to complete this questionnaire to support your Trading Partner as they assess their sustainability risk.

Key Benefits

The Vitals questionnaire is quick, easy, and free to complete. The questionnaire takes 30 minutes to complete and provides easy-to-understand risk results to help guide your risk management next steps. Share your Vitals results with key business partners and get started on the path to more sustainable operations.

Free and Easy-to-Use Questionnaire

Get started with a short questionnaire that takes under 30 minutes to complete and at no cost to you

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Support your customer’s sustainability initiatives and demonstrate your commitment with voluntary disclosure

Quickly Understand Your Performance

Get an overview of your company’s high-level sustainability risks and gaps in meeting key regulatory requirements within minutes

Track Progress Over Time

Complete the free questionnaire annually and track the progress you’ve made

How Vitals Works

Step 1: Receive Your Invitation

Your buyers will invite you to complete the Vitals questionnaire. The questionnaire is free to complete and available in 14 languages.

Step 2: Register for Vitals

A registration email will be sent to your team. Registration takes under 5 minutes and matches you with an industry-specific questionnaire.

Step 3: Answer the Questionnaire

After registration, you will be directed to the Vitals dashboard to complete the secure questionnaire and upload documents.

Step 4: Review Your Results

After completing the questionnaire, you can view your results in the Vitals dashboard within minutes.

Take the next step and complete a full Sustainability Rating

Your Vitals questionnaire is the first step to supporting your trading partners’ sustainability goals. Knowing where to start and understanding your current sustainability performance is key. If you’re ready to take the next step in your sustainability journey and gain a competitive advantage, it’s time to start your EcoVadis Sustainability Rating:

Receive a globally trusted rating

Understand your performance

Improve and track progress over time

Strengthen customer relationships

Promote your business & compete differently

Manage your sustainability program effectively

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