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Whether you decided to improve your own sustainability practices or you’re
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Sustainability Requirements are Expanding.
Are You Prepared?

Environmental, social, and ethical performance – or Sustainability – is an essential factor for smart business today. More and more companies, including your trading partners, are under immense pressure to improve their transparency and sustainability practices, and this includes the sustainability of their trading partners (you).


Of companies take sustainability criteria into account in purchasing decisions.

Source: HEC Sustainable Procurement Benchmark


Total sustainability-linked loans and green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds issued in 2022, respectively.

Source: Bloomberg


Of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with a reputation for sustainability than from a neutral company.

Source: Sustainable Brands


Proportion of last decade wherein a major new supply chain sustainability regulation was introduced.

Source: World Economic Forum:
“Beyond Supply Chains”

Helping You Respond To Sustainability Challenges

Join the 130,000+ companies of all sizes and industries who partner with EcoVadis to help them forge opportunities from sustainability challenges such as:

  1. Difficult to navigate different sustainability regulations and ensure we have the best fit solution provider
  2. Little clarity on how we perform or ability to benchmark vs our peers
  3. Unclear where to start, how to improve, or track progress over time
  4. Difficult to demonstrate our credentials in sustainability and differentiate versus our competition

Receive a globally trusted rating

  • 1200+ enterprise companies trust EcoVadis for their trading partners performance review
  • 130,000+ companies rated
  • Questionnaire tailored to your industry, size and country
  • Methodology aligned to global frameworks and regulatory requirements
  • All submitted documents are verified

Understand your performance

  • Easy-to-read sustainability and carbon scorecards
  • Detailed assessment of your sustainability performance and improvement areas
  • Benchmark your performance within the EcoVadis network
  • Helpful resources to understand and action your Scorecard

Improve and track progress over time

  • Custom improvement recommendations
  • Set specific targets and track progress toward your goals
  • Report and track quantitative metrics in an easy-to-use metrics dashboard
  • Build expertise with E-learning and access to training partners

Strengthen customer relationships

  • Prioritize actions, share progress, and collaborate with trading partners
  • Help your customer measure and report their sustainability footprint
  • Share your scorecard with multiple customers easily and demonstrate your commitment to transparency

Promote your business & compete differently

  • Showcase your performance with EcoVadis Medals and EcoVadis Badges (if eligible)
  • Make new business connections via a global directory of companies
  • Access sustainability linked financing by sharing your EcoVadis scorecard (if eligible).

Manage your sustainability program effectively

  • Upload and manage your sustainability documents from your dedicated document library
  • Easily track KPIs aligned to international frameworks and emerging regulations
  • Build learning plans within the e-learning portal
  • Accelerate your sustainable procurement practices by rating your suppliers

View a sample Sustainability Scorecard to see the type of insights you could receive.

By meeting specific criteria in your assessment, you may be eligible for an EcoVadis medal or badge.

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The EcoVadis Network

Watch as two EcoVadis customers share their story about how leveraging their rating helped to
reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


With Whom Are They Sharing?

Procurement teams at over 1200 multinationals use EcoVadis ratings to make purchasing decisions everyday.

Atlinks Holding Ltd.

Atlinks is principally engaged in home and office telecommunication product designing. Their customers include large consumers retail chain stores, telecom operators and distributors mainly located in Europe and Latin America.

Back in 2012, one first-tier telecom operator customer requested us to fill in the questionnaire as a supplier and then a second one. We soon saw the benefits of joining the EcoVadis program. It is a very well-known platform for CSR evaluation and other customers were also asking to see our assessment. Plus the fact that we got good results encouraged us to communicate this more widely to our customers.
Sustainability assessments are now part of our management system and are planned at the end of the yearly cycle of activities, programs, training, audits, awareness and reviews. This has also proved very useful for our IPO because the Hong Kong Exchange market is very demanding when it comes to sustainability. We had a number of initiatives in place before but EcoVadis helped us structure them and create value for our customers.

Carmen Hualda CSR Manager
Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a global consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change-makers define the future. Since their founding in 1973, they have grown to over 58 offices in 37 countries.

We've done the assessment eight times, and we initially started it because of a client request. The EcoVadis assessment is a useful tool to guide us in our sustainability journey. We found the questionnaire really self-explanatory

Clare Tovey Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Practice Manager
BCD Travel

BCD Travel helps companies make the most of what they spend on travel. They partner with travel and procurement leaders to simplify the complexities of business travel, drive savings and satisfaction, and move whole companies toward their goals. They operate in 109 countries with almost 13,800 people.

Achieving a gold rating from EcoVadis is an impressive accomplishment in any given year; maintaining the highest rating three years in a row puts us among the top suppliers in the world for our commitment to sustainability. It’s an important achievement that reflects our vision and mission as a company.

John Snyder BCD Travel president and chief executive officer

CAFIVER is a privately owned Mexican company with over 30 years experience in coffee processing and domestic & international coffee trade.

The complexity with working with small producers in this field is that coffee business is a family business, and as such it might involve child labor. We work to make them understand that children need to be involved in others activities such as school.

Alejandro Lázzeri Managing Director, CAFIVER

Since 1986, Comptel Corporation has grown to become a global leader of digital and communication services in two main areas – Intelligent Data and Service Orchestration. Operating with an international team of more than 750
professionals serving nearly 300 service providers across 90 countries.

It was really hard to answer some of the questionnaires from other clients whose questions were focused on environmental aspects related to the product
manufacturing and recycling. The EcoVadis questionnaire was not asking those questions that were not relevant, and I was glad to see it was more focused
on software companies like us.

Sari Hilden Quality Manager Comptel Corporation
EA Engineering

EA is a 100% employee-owned public benefit corporation that provides environmental, compliance, natural resources, and infrastructure engineering and management solutions to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

It was in great interest to us as an organization to have EcoVadis come in and look at exactly what we are doing to give us some opportunities to learn what we can improve upon, as well as what we are doing well and maybe create opportunities to enhance those aspects of our program.

Michael Battle Chief Operating Officer

Firmenich SA is a private Swiss company in the fragrance and flavor business. It is the largest privately owned company in the field and ranks number two worldwide. Firmenich has created perfumes for over 100 years and produced a number of well-known scents.

EcoVadis has become a strategic tool for us and a way to structure what we do. And also a way to engage our teams. From a business point of view, a lot of our clients who know EcoVadis ask for EcoVadis Rating. It certainly helps create a common ground with our clients as well. I think we are looking forward in the future to do the same with our suppliers and to create this very interesting positive chain, from brands all the way down to farmers or suppliers in our other fields.

Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat Global Head of Sustainability

Panjin Honghe Chemical Company Limited (HONHOK) is a specialty, innovation chemical company, which was found by Mr. Xuhui Chen in 2006. Zhujiang Road, Liaodong Bay New Zone, Panjin 124221, Liaoning, China. Our business scope is to provide integrated service in the fields of pharma, agro and specialty chemical industries and etc.

EcoVadis helped us put our Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality system in order…we removed duplicate and inefficient documentation from our processes, reducing costs.

Zhenwei Guo General Manager, HONHOK
Toyota Material Handling Europe

Toyota Material Handling Europe is the European headquarters of Toyota Material Handling Group, which is part of Toyota Industries Corporation – the global leader in material-handling equipment. It operates in more than 30 European countries and over 95% of trucks are manufactured in their European factories in Sweden, France and Italy.

The internal benefit of working with EcoVadis for Toyota Material Handling Europe is that it enables us to identify best practices and leaders within our organization. We can then document those best practices and share them across our organization, so that all our sustainability champions across Europe can have the inspiration to drive the same good practices at their local level.

Tom Schalenbourg Sustainable Development Director
Trina Solar

Trina Solar specializes in the manufacture of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and system integration. Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is not only a pioneer of China’s PV industry but has become an influential shaper of the global solar industry and a leader in solar modules, solutions, and services. With 14K+ employees and 21 offices worldwide, Trina Solar has been listed in Fortune magazine’s lists of the world’s top 100 fastest growing companies and top-10 most innovative companies in China.

EcoVadis scorecard sharing gives our trading partners a greater feeling of comfort because the information has been reviewed by a third party.

Jodie Roussell Head of Public Affairs

Solution Details


Easily view your score in the four sustainability themes (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement) plus a dedicated scorecard on Carbon.

Benchmarks & Guidance for Improvement

Compare your scores against peers in your industry, understand your improvement areas and get clear prioritized guidance on where you should focus your efforts.

360° Watch & Live News

Monitor your risk and brand reputation with 360° Watch & Live News, based on external inputs from over 100,000+ public sources and verified by EcoVadis analysts.

EcoVadis Academy

Improve your sustainability knowledge, collaborate with customers, and improve your performance with relevant and actionable e-learning courses via EcoVadis Academy.

Metrics & Reporting

Report and track your company’s performance and improvement over time with a powerful quantitative metrics module, complete with data exports.

Partner Directory

Access a global directory of companies to share your performance and connect with new business partners.

EcoVadis Medals & Communication Tools

Get a rich set of tools to showcase your success on your website, PR, etc., including detailed reports, certificates, and of course, prized EcoVadis Medals.

How It Works

A simple 4-step process, entirely online – all you need is an internet connection.

Register Online

Create a company profile, specify your business activity, contact information, etc. This information is then used to customize a questionnaire specifically for you.

Answer Questionnaire

Answer the questionnaire & upload documents (e.g., certifications). It is secure, confidential, and multilingual with a support team ready to help.

Expert Analysis

EcoVadis analysts distill your answers into a Scorecard. This is an independent, questionnaire and document-based management system assessment.

Your Rating

Access your Scorecard results online. Share results, collaborate directly with customers, improve your performance, and broadcast your success.

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