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Industry Initiatives for
Supply Chain Sustainability

Companies within an industry collaborate on supply chain sustainability to accomplish more together. The efforts of a few can boost sustainability in the value chain while creating benefits for all. In recent years, many industries have organized for sustainability, and EcoVadis is serving many of them with a robust and tailored solution.

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The EcoVadis Solution for Industry Initiatives

The EcoVadis solution gives industry initiatives the robust technology
and program support they need to thrive.

Harmonized Standards

for sustainability ratings across social, ethical and environmental criteria

Collaborative Tools

to boost engagement & improvement plans

Common Platform

to share, benchmark & monitor performance

A Trusted Partner

Collaborative initiatives are a proven model for companies in any industry. Already, six major industries use EcoVadis as the centrepiece of their collaboration – in Chemicals, Healthcare, Beauty,
Railways, Consumer Goods, and Telecommunications

Accelerate Value Through Collaboration

The benefits of collaboration are many – not only for members, but for all trading partners.

Easier for suppliers by avoiding redundant audits and assessments

Opportunities to recognize and encourage high performance

Increased visibility with industry-wide common rating scale & benchmarks

Member Benefits

  • Improved sustainability performance and supply chain coverage
  • Address and preempt specific risks tailored to your industry sector
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Project and community management support

Solution Overview

EcoVadis industry initiative members have a dedicated set of features enabled on their platform

  • Visibility across industry-wide supplier portfolio
  • Configurable scorecard sharing rules
  • Customized co-branded communications (email banners, brochure)
  • Online collaboration community for buyers

Support Services

We offer a range of services to help with the formation of new initiatives or the growth of existing ones. Existing industry associations can quickly integrate EcoVadis, creating a new backbone for their programs. Or, we can help you and your industry peers create a new group.


Defining a Charter, Member Requirements, Branding, and Governance

Supplier Engagement Strategy

Recommendations on Organizational Structure


Assistance With Industry Reporting and Benchmarks

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